Why Mediate?

"An ounce of mediation is worth a pound of arbitration and a ton of litigation."
-Joseph Grynbaum


Mediation is where both parties and their counsel meet with the assistance of an independent and objective mediator, in an attempt to resolve the issues between them. The Mediator should be certified to practice family law mediation by the Law Society of British Columbia. In order to obtain this certification, the Mediator must have practiced law for a minimum of 5 years and taken extensive training offered by the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia.

Unfortunately there are many parties in the market place who purport to offer family mediation services. While some of them may be able to assist with family bonding and other subjective issues, unless they are certified to practice as family law mediators by the Law Society of British Columbia they do not possess the necessary expertise to advise people regarding their rights, duties and obligations to themselves, their spouses and their children.


Regardless of who you choose to mediate your family law issues, do not sign any court orders, consent orders, minutes of settlement or separation agreements until you have received independent legal advice from a lawyer who represents only you.

To inquire about having Rebecca Darnell or Emerald Chhina act as your Mediator, please contact our team at 604-532-9119.

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